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There is no more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of heating a room than by using pellet stoves. These stoves take air from the premises, heat it and return it, which is why the components need to be cleaned and maintained. At Dankesol we ensure that your stove is always in perfect condition.

Repair of pellet stoves

The seasonal use of stoves or excessive use during periods of intense cold mean that their functioning may suffer from one year to the next. You can count on Dankesol to repair any fault that prevents you from enjoying the proper use of pellet stoves.

Maintenance of pellet stoves

Regular maintenance guarantees proper functioning and a long lifespan for the pellet stove. To this end, at Dankesol we deep clean and vacuum them, check the condition of the auger motor, the pump, the exhaust fan, the resistor and the fire retardant rope on the stove door.

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