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Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis systems make it possible to have purified water at home that is free from residue and sediment that is harmful to health. Having water of the highest quality is essential, which is why at Dankesol we install reverse osmosis systems and also carry out the relevant filter changes to ensure that the result is fully satisfactory.

It is recommended to replace the reverse osmosis filters every 12-18 months, depending on their use.

Installation of reverse osmosis systems

Enjoy water at home that is residue-free and with a lower content of lime and other mineral salts; it is especially recommended if the water in your area is very hard. As well as being beneficial to your health, it improves the taste of the water. At Dankesol we have high-quality reverse osmosis units.

Replacement of reverse osmosis filters

Reverse osmosis systems normally consist of 4 different filters (2 activated carbon filters, a post filter, a sediment filter and a membrane) which need to be changed regularly to ensure water quality and the proper functioning of the system. At Dankesol we carry out this service to ensure you always have residue-free water.


  • You will never have to buy bottled water again.
  • Avoid buying, carrying, storing and throwing away water containers. You will have unlimited water.
  • The water provided has a low or very low mineral content, it is highly recommended for sodium-free diets, baby food, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. It encourages the elimination of toxins, digestion, it is a diuretic, etc. This water does not contain harmful elements or bacteria.
  • Cooking takes less time, foods retain their proteins and vitamins better and keep their original taste. The great variety of chemicals that mains water may contain when boiled is avoided.
  • Ideal for houseplants, aquariums, pets.
Osmosis Inversa Dankesol

*Our reverse osmosis system has an application where you can check the state of the filters and the membrane and find out when it is necessary to change them.

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